Friday, August 29, 2008


Oh man you think by now I would know to always ALWAYS check Rhett's pockets.

I actually checked all of the pockets on everything before I went in the laundry room and did two loads, then noticed one of Rhett's pants on the floor and decided to throw them in the third batch. To my surprise I found a "package" of gum all over my towels and washer machine. I spent time removing the gum from the items before putting them in the dryer so I wouldn't have a big mess. Unfortunately I didn't get it all and ended up scraping it off of my Dryer walls. Not exactly what I wanted to be doing at 1:30am when I should be sleeping.

Lets see... over the years I have washed more than my share of items in Rhett's clothes such as: nails, screws, pens, papers,& gum. The two most damaging where a blue pen in one of the pockets on Rhett's church shirt. Needless to say my whites where bright blue...that one took a long time to fix. The other was unfixable. I was doing laundry and Rhett came in took off his pants in the laundry room and went to the shower. I of course picked them up and through them in the washer and went on with my day not realizing that his cell phone was still in them. Ya it was completely broken. So you would think by now I would remember to check since Rhett doesn't.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Bye Crystal

Yahoo!!! After many many hours of work on my homemade video of Lake Powell (which I had to create twice & spend several hours on the phone with tech support) it is finally done and it turned out cute.
My littlest sister Crystal moved back to Logan last weekend to finish school at USU. She was kind enough to come spent the night with us before she left. We had a blast swimming and feeding the ducks by my house. She probably hates me calling her little because she is all grown up now but to me Crystal and KayLyn will ALWAYS be the "Little Girls". (Whether they like it or not)Just Kidding.

Amy loves to go down the side at the Tooele Pool because she can scream Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo the whole way down.

Crystal I hope you have a fantastic time during your last semester

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lake Powell

We had a fantastic time at Lake Powell!
Lake Powell is so much fun, and beautiful!
It is my favorite place to go boating. I haven't blogged lately because I have been spending every free moment I have making a DVD of our trip for our friends that took us. I finally finished it but to my disappointment I am not able to burn it to a DVD. The program I used has a glitch and I might have to start completely over so I am way bummed out about it. Between the three of us girls we had over 1,000 pictures not counting video so it was quite a project. We are lucky enough to get to go to Lake Powell again with Rhett's family next week. Ruston and I are so excited! He absolutely loved the boat rides and sleeping out under the stars.

Jan & Annie

Brittney Kelly & Jan

Rhett & Ruston

Our Fun Group

Thanks for the good times! We love you guys!

Friday, August 8, 2008


The "GUYS TRIP" 2008

Dirk Greg Ken Dean

Flaming Gorge

Rhett has gone with the guys on a "Guys Trip" for the last eight years. This year they went to Flaming Gorge on a guided fishing trip. They caught a ton of fish and had a blast! I am starting to wonder when I am going to get a "Girls Trip."

We took the kids out in the raft on the Stansbury lake by our house. We live close enough to the lake that we just picked up the raft and walked over to the lake. Rhett brought back a duck call from Maryland for Ruston. The duck noise was going the whole time we were on the lake. I am not sure that we convinced any ducks to come close to us in fact I think we scared them away!