Monday, January 26, 2009

Terrible Twos Came Early!

I am struggling with Annie lately. EVERYTHING is a battle. She will not keep her diaper or clothes on, she will not eat, she will not sleep, and the constant whine has got to stop! The other day she took off her diaper during nap time and wiped poop all over her crib, blankets and clothes. It was so gross I didn't even want to take a picture of it. She won't even be two until the end of next month but her TERRIBLE TWOS are in full swing. Other than the constant struggle she is a doll wanting to play dress up and house. She loves her sun glasses and purses.
We went swimming with Rick and Camille on Saturday night. The kids had a blast. Annie was jumping up and down the whole time when she could touch the bottom. Ruston is becoming a lot more comfortable with putting his face in the water. I think I am going to put him in swim lessons again. He is loving preschool an the chance to do something on his own without Annie. He always says something like I get to go to school because I am big and Annie doesn't get to come huh. Right Mom just I get to go huh.

I got together with some of my high school girlfriends today and it was really fun to talk about old times and let the kids play. Thanks for hosting Brandee!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! I was totally sure I was going to have a BOY, but today I found out it is definitely a little girl. It will be so fun to have two little girls together. Ruston is a little disappointed and confused that he is not going to have a brother, but he is still excited to be the big brother. So if anyone has any cute girl names send them my way.

Ruston started preschool today. It was adorable to watch his excitement.

Well Jessica I have to tell you that Annie has learned all of Ivy's tricks. We might just have to bust out the duct tape. She will not keep her clothes on. She undressed herself twice before we made it out the door to go to the library and once while we were there. (it was quite embarrassing because there was a lot of moms and kids there for story time, I bet they didn't come for the strip show) Any hints on what to do would be great!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year

Cindy Lu Who came to visit our Christmas Eve party. Doesn't Ruth look great! Thanks Jessica for the fun gifts Ruston was so excited about his matching game with our Lake Powell pictures.
Annie loved her new kitchen. It was a really fun Christmas. Our kids were really excited about everything. We went sledding with our Brittney, Kitt and the kids it was awesome, but cold.