Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Baby is 10 months old today!!! She is crawling and already into everything. I can't keep paper objects away from her some how she always finds them or my three year old gives them to her. Life just got even busier for me, but she is adorable I love her so much.
Lindsay picking on her cousin Skylee
KayLyn came to town so I got to meet her new baby Emily. What cute sisters.
Grandma Alder came down to visit with KayLyn and Nate.
I took my three kids to fly kites by myself what was I thinking??? Annie wanted to run toward the street the whole time Ruston wanted me to help him keep his kite in the air and Lindsay was crying because it was windy and cold. We didn't last very long, but Ruston said it was fun so I guess it was worth it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun Trip Pics

As I was looking at the blog pictures I realized that I was missing a few of my favorites.
Look closely at Ruston's face it was his first roller coaster. PRICELESS! He was a trooper he tried all the roller coasters he was tall enough for at least once.
Grandma Kat bought Ivy and Annie matching princess dresses for their birthdays. Annie's face was so adorable as she looked in the mirror with her new Cinderella dress on.Cinderella was Annie's favorite princess. She took a few minuets to talk with her and Annie was just dancing with excitement. It was so fun!

Tinkerbell and Snow White waiting patently for their turn.