Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lindsay is walking!!!!!

Lindsay's lst Corn
Rhett let Lindsay start feeding herself and now she won't let me help her, oh what a cute MESS!

.Annie asked why I was taking pictures of Lindsay and I told her is was because she was a mess and Annie said well I am a mess take a picture of me so here it is.

Alder Family Campout Aug 20th

Annie & Haylee
Kamden, Mindy, Adam & Gavin
(Bambi (Jessica), Annie, & Haylee
Lindsay & Haylee
Lindsay had so much fun riding this little tractor all around!
Hollee & TanaLyn
Sheridan & Gavin
All the kids had a blast riding this little four wheeler
Ruston, Rhett, & Audrey
Sheridan & Gavin
Camille & Annie
We made stick horses

Jessica, Nate, & KayLyn
Haylee, Dad, & Sheridan
Mindy lead us on a fantastic hunt for the Bubble Gum tree. The kids all loved it!
Ruston Loved his snake, and I think Jessica and Haylee ate and swallowed at least 10 to 15 pieces of Gum. Their poor tummies.
Jan & Rhett
Audrey, Haylee & Dean
It was so fun to have everyone in my family come. Hope we can do it again next year!
KayLyn spent the night and we took the kids over to Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

Bear Lake Aug 14th

We went up to Bear Lake for an Alder reunion. It was great to see my Aunts & Uncles. It was nice to visit with Grandma Alder and just relax while the kids played in the sand.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cokeville Wyoming July 24th

Lindsay Annie Haylee Audrey waiting for the parade to start.

I took a ton of pictures trying to get Lindsay to look but she just kept crawling away. That's right she is fourteen months old and still not walking. Ruston and Annie were both 15 months before they would walk and I have decided that Lindsay is going to follow in there footsteps.
I didn't get one good picture but this one was pretty funny. Maybe saying CHEESE before the picture is not the best idea after all.