Thursday, February 25, 2010

California Vacation

We had the best Vacation ever!!! First we went to Sea World to visit Shamu.
All of the shows there were amazing the kids loved them.

Lego Land was so cool. Everything was made out of millions of little legos.
Here we are in Mini Town. They had lots of the popular cities made out of you guessed it Legos. It was awesome with moving cars, trucks, and boats.

Annie's first time going alone on a ride. She even put her hands in the air it was so cute.
We were lucky enough to spent three days at Disney Land.
My Princess
Mickey Mouse's house
Annie was a lot more excited to visit Mini Mouse at her house. In fact she didn't want to leave when it was time to go see other things.

All the girls ready to visit with the Princesses
Snow White was Ivy's Favorite
Annie liked Sleeping Beauty's Pink dress. It was so fun and Magical for Annie. Her eyes lit up and she was dancing around with excitement when it was her turn to meet them. It made my day to she how much Annie was enjoying her visit with them.

Now to Ruston's favorites.

Our group outside of the Bugs Life 4D Movie. (Which was my favorite! It was awesome)
We got to go to Lego Land Twice. Annie and Ivy loved the horses.

Rusty Isaac and Eli with Mr. Incredible
Universal Studios was neat they had lots of characters to visit with right as we walked in the park.

Since we have been home both Ruston and Annie have been talking about the shark at universal so it must have been a little too scary for them.
Annie's Third birthday the day we got back.