Thursday, October 9, 2008

Four Fun!!

We just celebrated Ruston's fourth birthday! I think he is getting old enough but he would much rather be five. He lists everyone he knows who is five and tells me as soon as he is done being four then he will be five. It took me along time to convince him that he had to be four first and couldn't just skip it.

Annie had so much fun at Ruston's party but for hours before it started she was begging for cupcakes. She would grab my hand and drag me over and point on her tippy toes.
Audrey wanted a horse balloon instead of a dog or a dinosaur. I made the mistake of telling her to get her dog balloon to take it home and she said "Jan it is not a dog it is my bea-uti-ful green horse." the long tail should have given it away
We took the kids fishing and they couldn't get enough of it so after all the candy fish were gone we busted out the magnet fish and poles.

Annie finally got her cupcake! Truth be told I think she ate at least three!That thing around her arm is not a purse but her skirt. She took it off and wore it around like a purse for at least an hour it was so funny.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crazy Ducks

My friend beth and I took the kids to feed the ducks one afternoon this week. These ducks are use to being feed all day long by different kids that come to play at the lake. I guess they haven't recieved as much food now that school has started, because the ducks were crazy and attacking us.

This duck ate the bread right out of Annie's hand and scared her half to death. She was so upset, poor girl. Don't worry that duck got kicked!