Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We went to my brother Adam's house and had a great time. Rick hit my pinkie finger with the air hockey puck and I didn't think I would recover, but today it seems to be fine. We missed KayLyn and hope that she had a nice day.
I am grateful for a lot of things but messes aren't really one of them. Annie has been testing out her independence lately and I have had a lot to clean up. On Thanksgiving morning I ran down stairs to get a can of green beans and when I came back she had dumped out the entire box of cereal trying to get more.
Tonight she decided that her pancakes needed milk on them and dumped milk all over her plate the table and floor. I was five feet away finishing a skirt for her Christmas but could not get there in time.
Ruston loved the skirt and want to be a ballerina. Actually it was really cute he said "Mom now Annie can be Cinderella and I can be the prince."
Ruston decided to cut his own hair, so I had to buzz the rest off. He is very proud to look like uncle Rick. He got a lot of attention from everyone about his hair cut so I am hoping he doesn't do it again. I am so thankful for my awesome family and friends. I love being a mom even with the challenges. I have been so blessed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dino Fun

For family home evening we took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. Ruston is so into Dinosaurs these days he couldn't wait to go again and Rhett had never been so it made for a great night.

Digging for bones

Shark Attack

Building an Island

Monday, November 3, 2008

Excited & Expecting

Hey for everyone we haven't told yet we are expecting a baby the end of May. I went to my first appointment today and I am 11 weeks along. I am really excited about it. Ruston is telling me that if I have a new baby Annie gets to be his baby. Today he told me that I couldn't change his baby's diaper. I asked if he wanted to and he wrinkled up his nose and said NO I guess you can do it.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween. We went to Grandma Kat's Halloween parade at her elementary school. Ruston loved all of the costumes. He was fascinated by all the big hair wigs. Then we trick or treated his aunts Ruth & Rachel at their jobs. We went to a trunk or treat with the cousins after which the cousins got to have a sleepover party. It was so much fun for Ruston.

Cowboy RUSTY

Annie loved eating all the candy she could sneak. She was a witch with major attitude! If anyone tried to take any candy away from her she would throw a fit kicking and screaming. I kept thinking how fitting her costume was.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back On Line

Many of you know how impulsive Rhett and I are. We decided to up and move from Stansbury Park to Lehi. We are going to stay with Rhett's parents for a while and pay down some things. So after two weeks with no Internet I had had enough!! Today about 1:00am Rhett got me back on line! I was so excited I got up about 6:00 am ready to find out what I had missed over the last two weeks. I love the World Wide Web. Seriously what would we do without it, I have been going crazy.

Mindy & Lori told me that I had been tagged for Quirks I have so here they are:

1 I have to have a detailed plan. I like to know exactly what, when, where, and why we are doing anything. (This drives Rhett nuts because he is a fly by the sit of his pants kind of guy)

2 I like to have it quiet during a discussion. If we are driving I will turn the radio down to talk to Rhett and he will turn it up before he answers me it drives me insane.

3 I waste a lot of time analyzing my purchases. Just this week I was looking for a new pair of brown boots for winter to ware with skirts or pants. I found a pair I kind of liked and instead of just buying them, I thought I wonder if I will find something I like more. So I went to four more stores and came home empty handed.

4 I don't mind washing dishes but when it comes to pans I would rather leave them in the sink until I can no longer stand the clutter and then I take care of them. It would be a lot easy and cleaner to just wash them all at once.

5 I don't like it when picture frames are not straight on the wall. Like if they have been bumped so one corner is higher then the other. I went into a house the other day and every picture was messed up. (Probably from kids running through the house, or throwing things) If I would have known the person better I would have fixed all of them. Instead I just stared at them the entire time we where there unable to ignore them.

6 I feel stir crazy and claustrophobic when Ruston or Annie is climbing all over me or touching my face. I need my bubble!