Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Life in August

Sunday August 16th Bob & Katie just got back from a trip to Hawaii!Isn't this little outfit so cuteThe purple girlsLindsay's new playmate Skylee is finally here My new hair color for those of you who haven't seen me yetRuston's first day back to preschool

Bedtime Stories/giggles

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lake Powell

We had a fantastic time in Lake Powell!!! It is our favorite place to go, Ruston has been asking me every day for a whole year when we could go to Lake Powell again. We really made the most of it wake boarding, tubing with the kids, and hanging out on the beach.We hiked up to Rainbow Bridge. If you can't tell this is Ruston's Pirate face. Ruston and I had a priceless discussion one night about Peter Pan and how he loves Lake Powell too. The next day we were cruising around and he spotted a big house boat with a Pirate Flag boy was he excited about that.

I was a little nervous to take our ten week old baby to sit in the HOT SUN with the SAND and wind but she did awesome. She was happy almost the whole time and slept way better in the tent and boat then I ever imagined. It was truly a vacation! And boy did I need it! Rhett was wonderful to help me out with the older children and we all loved spending quality time with him. The kids were really sad when we got home and he had to go back to work/hunting. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Just Started

I had my TEN year High School Reunion the end of July. It was fun to walk through good old Granite with some of my friends. I loved high school, life was so worry free, but I would not want to go back.You are not suppose to step on the seal but since they are going to destroy the school what could it hurt.It was fun to giggle with the girls again
I feel like my summer just got started even though it is coming to an end. We had a great time with the Beecher family while Russ & Jessica were in town. Thanks Bob & Katie for spoiling us!
We went to Timpanogos Cave and the kids did awesome on the hike up Ruston kept up with the Big Boys and didn't complain until we were going back down which I thought was funny because it was a lot easier then going up. He kept saying Mom my legs are just too wore out.We also hiked up to a waterfall in American Fork
My kids love to party and man we have been living it up! We just got back from a trip to Lake Powell I will post pictures later. I am having so much fun I hate to see summer end.