Sunday, July 18, 2010

Payson Lakes July 6,7,8

We went directly from Richfield to Payson for the Beecher Family camp out. It was awesome and peaceful up in the Mountains. It was so wonderful to have two straight weeks with Rhett. Annie and Ivy were so cute playing together the whole time. They couldn't walk without holding hands and standing side by side. They were really impressed and worried about the pit toilets. Telling each other to hold on tight and not fall in. They named them COW pottys for some reason, and now every time Annie goes to the bathroom in public place she wants to know if it is a COW potty, and is disappointed when it is not. Rhett and I were the proud winners of our very competitive kee wee races. Sorry for all the slide shows but it seemed like the easiest way to update all my pictures.

Richfield 4th of July

Going to Grandma Lu's is always fun. The fourth of July is her holiday and we would never miss it! We came back from Lake Powell on Friday July 2 at 11:30 pm cleaned up and went to Richfield on the Saturday the 3rd. It was so good to play with everyone.

Lake Powell June 25th

We had the best time ever in Lake Powell! It is my favorite place to go. I had over 500 pictures so here is just a small peek at our trip the last week in June. Lindsay is truly our Lake Powell baby. She was a perfect angel even while cutting her first two teeth.