Friday, November 5, 2010


With Halloween over we are ready for Thanksgiving. We had a play date and were Indians.
We made fun headbands and necklaces, then we built a super fort. The boys had a fantastic time hunting for food and the girls had a great time cooking it.

Annie of course was an Indian Princess!
I love this time of year because it reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for. We have been so blessed with wonderful family and friends. We love you all so much. Life is good!


We had a great time carving pumpkins this year. Ruston even stuck his hand inside once! He was much more daring than last year.
Annie wasn't scared she jump right in and pulled the guts out!

Lindsay was ready for a nap this was the best picture of her

We made Sugar cookies and I made sure we didn't give any that Annie made away. She was a finger licking candy touching monster. They even made me a little cautious watching her decorate the cookies.

Too bad she didn't like the red hots they were her favorite thing to decorate with. After she had completely covered about four cookies she tried one candy and spit it out I tried to warn her but she wouldn't listen then she wanted to eat Ruston's cookies.

Ruston got to walk in his first Halloween parade. Too bad he was running past and his pictures were blurry. He was a cute little blue dragon. Here are the girls watching all the costumes. Annie was looking for princesses like her.

One more attempt with the pumpkins look close at Lindsay's face in this one too funny!
Oh Lindsay!

My cute little Dorthy and she just loved caring her dog around

Yes that little tiny hair stickying out is an attempt at Dorthy pigtails

The church Halloween party

Lindsay and Skylee

The Beecher gang out trick or treating
Happy Halloween! Annie wanted to go in every house and sing them a song and show off her beautiful dress. I told her we just ring the doorbell we don't go in and every time she would tell me, "they want me to come in they can't wait to see my dress!"