Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a super busy and FUN Christmas Season. Here are the cracker houses the kids made.
The kids wanted to eat them that night and I told them no that much sugar would make them sick. So when it was time to eat them Ruston looked and me and said, so is this a good day to get SICK? I had no idea what he was talking about it was funny how concerned he was about it being ok to get SICK. I finally caught on to what he meant and said sure you have 10 mins to eat as much candy as you can and then they are going in the trash. He couldn't finish is house before he had had enough. Annie on the other hand ate all of hers and half of Lindsays!

The kids had a great time making sugar cookies. I found a fantastic frosting that works like easy cheese cans it was so smooth!
Alder Super Saturday

After the Alder party Lindsay cut her finger on a glass Christmas tree bulb. She came to me really calm and placed her thumb on my arm I looked down and saw all the blood dripping off my arm and raced her to the bathroom. I could not get it to stop bleeding and it was really deep so off the the ER we went. She fell asleep on the way there but she ripped the bandage I had put on off so blood was just dripping down her coat for 20 mins. She looked like a war scene by the time we got to the doctors. It took seven stitches to close her thumb up. All the nurses were eating her up as she calmly watched with interest as they stitched her up and she kept saying thank you to them. What a brave little girl.

Christmas EVE

Rusty & Ruth

I made a quilt out of Ruston's baby shirts.
Ruston built his 600 piece pirate ship by following 48 pages of instructions. What determination I only helped a little.
I repainted a toy box for Annie to store all of her dolls and dresses.
We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas eve we were in the bathroom brushing our teeth getting ready for bed and Ruston looks and me very seriously and asked "Mom am I going to have sugarplums in my head tonight. Before I could answer his 7 year old cousin Eli says Ya! (Like how could you even question it) It was so funny. So the next morning I asked him if he did have sugarplums in his head he simply said yep.
We were all sitting around the dinner table and Ruston said, How come Lindsay has ELK teeth. None of us got it and then five mins later Grandpa said do you mean BUCK teeth? Ya why does Lindsay have BUCK teeth? We all had a good laugh. My Ruston is so funny.