Monday, April 20, 2009

Our First Camping Trip in 2009

Ruston loves camping and has been asking to go for weeks. So Monday for family home evening we had a little cook out in the backyard after Rhett's game.Rick was kind enough to start our fire for us, and help the kids cook their hot dogs while Rhett set up the new picnic table we got for the kids.Then on Friday night we got to go REAL CAMPING. It was a lot of fun! We went to Cherry Creek with the Kitt, Brittney & the kids. They were kind enough to let us sleep in their trailer because it was freezing outside. Kallie who is eight drove us around on the Mule all day long. Annie loved it and didn't want to get off.
Rhett and Kitt got a good ride in while the kids played around camp

Annie got a little sunburned on her head and cheeks. I guess it is time to purchase the Sunblock. I felt like such a bad Mom for not bringing any.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Our Kids had a great time finding their Easter Baskets in the morning! Annie ate most of her candy before ChurchAfter dinner we made these super cute baby chicks in nests
Even Ramsay wanted in on the fun!!!
Annie really captures the magic and excitement of the egg hunt

Rhett and I just celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary! Where did the time go? We went to Wendover to watch Lorrie Morgan in concert. It was really fun and a nice break from the kids. Here's a big shout out to Lori & Dean for taking our kids over the weekend.

Here is what we looked like eight years ago.
Unfortunately I think we have aged and put on a few pounds

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is Spring really here?

Ruston has been begging to go camping for a few weeks now. We keep telling him that it is still to cold, but he insisted that we at least picked up his camp chair from Grandma Alders. It has been the toy of choice for 3 days now. He has played pretend camping for hours roasting imaginary marshmallows and setting up pretend tents. Notice that they have there winter coats on even though it looks like spring outside.Coloring Easter Eggs!

Most of our eggs are cracked because Annie loved to squeeze them until they broke. She had so much fun moving the eggs around and putting stickers on them.

I let her have the yellow because I thought it would be the easiest to clean up if it got spilled, but she soon realized how fun it was to dip the eggs in all the colors, and amazingly we didn't have any spills, probably because I was standing over her the whole time (which she didn't like, she is little miss independent and didn't want any help).