Monday, October 19, 2009

Leaves are Falling

I love fall. The change in the weather, the leaves, and sweatshirts. We went for a fun drive up American Fork Canyon on Saturday it was beautiful!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Three Cakes and a Wedding

Ruston's birthday was on Sunday October 4th, so to celebrate I ended up making 3 cakes a robot and 2 dinosaurs. The first dinosaur had it's tail pointing down Ruston said "mom what's wrong with it tail" I had no idea that the direction of it's tail could make such a big difference. The next day when I made the dinosaur cake for his kids party the first thing Ruston said was "Mom you fixed it's tail now it looks like a REAL dinosaur." One week before Ruston turned five I was trying to get him excited about his birthday and turning five thinking that he would love it because last year he wanted to be five so bad, but instead he looked at me and very seriously said "Mom can I please be 69." I laughed so hard what a funny kid. The other day I had taken the girls in the stroller on a long walk Ruston wanted to ride his scooter. On the way back after we had been walking for a while Ruston was really slowing down he said "Mom wait up I need to get worn in," not understanding what he meant I said come on Ruston lets go I am ready to get home and he said with a bunch of attitude,"Mom I am like totally worn out so I need like ten mins. to get worn in so I can go fast! Oh how I love my little guy. October 9th was Crystal's big day. My brave little sister trusted me to do her hair and luckily it turned out the way she wanted. I actually had a lot of fun doing it and it was great girl time.

The happy couple! All the Alders
My family is getting so BIG it was supper that everyone was there including week old Kamden
Hollee Ruston Audrey
Annie wants to be a princess every single day so she was really excited to see princess Crystal

Mom & KayLyn made all of the cute little dresses
Annie was a real challenge to take pictures of she wouldn't put her hands down or look at me, but she still looked cute.
More smiles