Sunday, January 17, 2010


Oh how I love my GIRLS
I wasn't going to post about Christmas seeing how it is almost the end of January but I couldn't pass up this funny picture of my kids Christmas night do they look ready for bed or WHAT!!!
Annie was so tired that she went down stairs and fell asleep on top of Ruston's Toys she has never done that before she must have been so worn out!
Lindsay 7 months playing with her new Christmas toy that makes lots of NOISE What was I thinking?? Actually it is great because it keeps her entertained.
A trip to the Aquarium. Both my kids love to see the fish so we go quit often.
My cute girls on New Years Eve ready to Party
Sledding at Aunt Lori's house.
Ruston & Audrey
Annie is having so much fun she can almost taste it YUCK!
I think that Banjo had as much fun as the kids