Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Know

I Know, I Know, I Know!

Over the last couple days everything I have told Ruston his first response is "I Know, or I Know that already." I am amazed the older I get the less I really know, and the more I have to learn about everything. As a child I thought my parents knew everything, but as a parent I am finding I don't have answers to all of the millions of WHYS, and but WHY mom.

Annie & Levi at the park

Ruston got a new jacket for the fall and he loved it so much he refused to take it off even when it was over 90 at the park. He was sweating so bad I finally MADE him take it off, because I was nervous he would get heat stoke or sick. I just love that Annie is in shorts and a tee shirt and Ruston is dressed like it is winter.

24th of July

Thanks Uncle Rick for all of the AWESOME fireworks!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cokeville Wyoming

Annie's First Curlers

I thought if I put her in the high chair and gave her a brownie she would hold still. It work for a moment. The down side was she stuck her dirty hands in her hair trying to pull out the curlers and her nice clean hair quickly became a sticky mess!

For over ten years my family has attended the Pioneer Day events for the little town of Cokeville Wyoming, were my parents have a cabin. It has become a fun tradition. This year was great because my whole family was there. There are 30 of us now! Thanks Mom & Dad for the good times.

Waiting for the Cokeville parade to start. It is ok if you blink through this parade because you get to see it twice!

Great Grandma Alder, Hollee, Ruston & Annie

My kids love grandpa. Whenever Annie hears his voice she runs over to him and starts begging to be held.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Marshmallow Fight!

Ryan and Katie helped all the kids make marshmallow guns. We had an all out war in their backyard. It was great fun until the marshmallows got sticky from spit. Then it was a little disgusting.

Here is Ruth giving Annie a huge hug after shooting her directly between the eyes with a marshmallow at close range. It is a good thing that Annie loves her aunt Ruth!

Playing in Lehi

Rhett's brother Russell had to go back to work in Ohio, but Jessica and the kids got to stay around an extra week. Which meant a PARTY!! at Mom and Dad Beecher's. Ruston absolutely loved that we got to spend the night twice. When we came home he asked "who's house do we get to sleep at next," because we had just spent three days in Richfield for the 4th. He was a little disappointed when I said ours, but he got over it quick when I reminded him that he had a new room to sleep in. For those of you that do not know we moved. We are still in Stansbury Park, but closer to the lake. More on our new house latter.
Digging for Bones at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point It's hard work getting Ivy and Annie away from the water

Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July in Richfield

We had a great firework show. The kids had a blast playing with the glow necklaces and sparklers.
Waiting for the big show to start on the mountain.
Dad check this out!

What a Fun Summer!!

Well I finally started a blog thanks to my sister in law Jessica who helped me set it up.

We have been doing so many fun things this summer. Like swimming, camping, four wheeling, and visiting with Family and Friends. We love to play! As you can tell we don't always stay clean.
Popsicles make us smile!