Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October 2011

Halloween 2011. My children had the best time ever. They love begging for candy, and are really good at it. Annie got 100 pieces, Ruston go 87 pieces and Lindsay got 68 pieces. I took it away the first night or I am sure Annie and Lindsay would have eaten it all and made themselves sick. Ruston has self discipline I am sure his candy will last forever. In fact I just put the rest of his July parade candy in the garbage.
We went indoor skydiving with our friends Brent and Tiffany to celebrate his fortieth birthday. It was awesome!
I got to go visit my sisters KayLyn and Crystal for a week. We had a fantastic time! We were able to spend two days in Nauvoo and a day in Chicago. It was so great to visit with them, and spend more time with KayLyn's girls.

Lindsay's new bike!
Ruston turned Seven. He loves building his legos and couldn't wait to put together his 1000 piece castle set.

We love Fall

Ruston's Soccer

Ruston played soccer this year. His team was the blue dragons. I guess all the kids must like dragons because we played the green, orange, and grey dragons. So much for an original name. It was a great season. He can't wait until the spring season starts.

Lava Hot Springs Sept 3-5

We went to Lava Hot Springs over Labor day weekend. We went on an awesome zip line tour.

We took all the kids down the river, but Lindsay was the only one who wanted to do it again.

Fish Lake August 26-28

Deer Hunt August 20th

Rhett was unsuccessful, but we had a fantastic time. Ruston got to shoot his first gun.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Green River Rampage August 6th

Cayden & Kanyon's first time repelling!
Half of our group repelled off of the arch at the end of the Negro Bill Hike in Moab. It was really fun to watch.

Story time in Arches National Park

The little hikers.

Rhett, Russell, Ramsay & Ruth competed in the Green River Olympic Triathlon. It was very inspiring!
They Swam 1 mile, Biked 25 miles, and Ran 6 miles!!!

It was an awesome day for the Beechers. Way to go! It was fun for Katie and Bob to have four of their children competing together.