Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sick Kids R No Fun

Last Night was awful! I was up every hour with at least one of my kids. I thought Ruston was just having Nightmares until the morning when he threw up everywhere. Annie has a terrible runny nose and is so unhappy. What a day, and it has only just begun.

So Annie has been potty training for a few weeks now and she is doing really well. Yesterday I went to the store to purchase the food for the Relief Society Birthday Party Dinner that I am in charge of. I took her into the bathroom as soon as we got there so we wouldn't have any accidents and everything was great until we were checking out and then I noticed everything was wet! YUCK! Luckily my purse took most of it and the food that got a little wet was in containers, but there was still a big puddle on the floor. Oh what fun!

Ruston wants to be just like his Daddy. The other morning it was really funny I walked in his room to tell him it was time for breakfast and he was searching for a white shirt and he wouldn't come up stairs until he found one. When he finally came up stair he had on his sunglasses, white shirt and soft black pants just like dad, then I noticed his feet, also just like dad with socks and flip flops on. Oh brother the things Rhett is teaching our children.

Mindy this picture is for you

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Test Results

I just wanted to let everyone know that Ruston's test results came back good. There was no information that said we would have future problems so it could have just been a random seizure with no apparent cause. For now we will just have to wait and see if he has any more, but I think everything is fine. We had a great time with Amy while she was with us. I am getting bigger every day and starting to look and feel uncomfortable. Which stinks because I still have 9 weeks left. Ruston keeps asking how much longer until our new baby comes out.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why do you have a Tree on your face?

Happy St. Patrick's Day! The first thing that Ruston said today was "Mom why do you have a TREE on your face?" When I started to tell him about wearing green on St. Patrick's Day he said "Why would someone pinch me!" He was very concerned about being pinched and wanted a tree on his face too. We had Green pancakes and Green ricecrispy treats. It was a fun day.
Say Cheese!

Amy is staying with us for a while. We are having a great time playing games going on walks and making treats.
Well for those of you that are wondering Ruston's Test went ok. The EEG tech was super nice and Ruston did a great job holding still. We don't know the results yet but I think everything will be ok. He loved staying up late the night before and didn't mind getting up at 4:00 am. I played every game I could think of with him to keep him awake until the test, and I think he was loving every minute of the attention while Annie and Amy slept. The tech hooked a bunch of wires to his head to measure his brain waves. They were different colors and it reminded me of his aunt Ruth's yarn braids.

The first part of March we went and flew a kite in the park it was the perfect day for it! We even got the string all the way out.

I took the kids swimming at the Legacy Center for the library story time party. Annie was such a big girl jumping in the water and wanting to swim and float on her back all by herself.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was really scared and concerned today as Ruston had a seizure first thing the smorning. It made Katie nervous enough that she called 911. After the seizure was over I put some water on his face to try and help him become more coherent. We decided while 911 was still on the phone that we probably didn't need them after all, but a nice police officer still came to check on Ruston. Ruston was still extremely white and the police officer strongly suggested that I take him to the doctors to find out what had caused the seizure. So I made an appointment with Rhett's Uncle Phil and he scheduled some lab work and an EEG for next week. Ruston was crying so hard when they were taking his blood that I started crying with him. Poor little guy! His blood work came back normal so now we just need to wait and see if they can tell anything from the EEG. I am really hoping and praying that this was a one time thing and will not be something that we have to face through out his life.

For anyone like me who doesn't know what an EEG test is I looked it up on Web MD and it sounds like a fairly simple test. The biggest problem is going to be getting Ruston to hold still for a long time while they check his brain waves.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Annie

My little girl just turned TWO. I made a butterfly cake for the birthday party with the Alder side. I love how excited she was to have her cake! Too bad she didn't get to blow out her own candles. Isaac and Ruston had it covered.

All the kids were so excited for Annie to open her presents and she took her sweet time. Aunt Jackie gave Annie a really cute pink purse and cell phone which she open second so she had no interest in any of the other gifts until one of the kids would start to open it then she would say MINE and grab it away. Thanks everyone for the fun party.
Trying to make everything fit in her new shopping cart.
The next day when it was time to leave the house Annie would not leave without all of her new bags. It was really fun to watch her try to take everything at once.

February Fun

Grandma Kat took the kids to paint a plate. It was a lot of fun. I thought that I would be able to help Annie with hers, but she wanted to do it all by herself. After Katie painted a butterfly on it Annie painted right over it. Uncle Ryan quickly became Annie's favorite uncle when he was feeding her straight sugar in a Fun Dip package right on Grandma's couch. It was so funny to watch. When they were done she ran right to the Kitchen got another package and brought it to Ryan to open. We all laughed and when Ryan wouldn't open it she walked around the room trying to get everyone else to open it for her.
We read the book "If you give a pig a pancake" then made pig pancakes for dinner. Ruston thought it was awesome, and Annie loved the chocolate chips.